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TRI is a national consulting firm specializing in the application of trenchless technologies for existing pipeline rehabilitation projects and has worked on water, sewer, drain, irrigation, oil, gas, and industrial pipelines.

TRI has a thorough knowledge of rehabilitation materials and methods to reconstitute existing pipelines. and has litigated on many pipeline failure investigations requiring evaluation of the cause of a product process or application failure.

TRI expertise includes evaluating appropriate applications for the use of trenchless technologies including  condition assessments; product evaluations; and protective coating and lining systems.



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 Focusing on specific needs of Engineers, Inspectors, and Construction Managers.

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Trainer Training is conducted by a select group of individuals approved by NASSCO.

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TRI has given presentations on a  National level  regarding these groups - NASTT, WEF, NASSCO, ASCE, APWA.

Agency's have saved over 30% P/L/F for CIPP after attending a one day seminar

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PACP, LACP and MACP Training 

 Seats available.
Workshops are being held at Red Lion Inn - 3850 Monte Villa Parkway in Bothell.

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 PACP and Re-Certification. Seats available.
Workshops are being held at Red Lion Inn - 3850 Monte Villa Parkway in Bothell.

Book early to reserve a spot!

 Seats available. PACP, LACP and MACP Workshops are being held at Red Lion Inn - 3850 Monte Villa Parkway in Bothell.

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PACP & RECERT Training



17, 18, 19

Contact John Jurgens for more information or to discuss in-house training at 425-487-3325 or email


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As social and environmental costs of construction continue to be closely scrutinized, the use of trenchless techniques continues to become a preferred option for the rehabilitation and replacement of underground utilities.


Trainer Training is conducted by a select group of individuals approved by NASSCO.  Course fees includes: Training Materials, Parking and refreshments.


FEES: Please call for information about prices. Fees include reference materials, continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments and parking.

TIMES: 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM. Registration and refreshments at 8:30 AM and throughout the day.

Team Registration: Each regular enrollment fee will be reduced by 10% if your agency registers three or more people at the same time.

Cancellations: Made less than 5 working days prior to the seminar are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds after seminar date. If insufficient enrollment necessitates canceling the seminar, all tuition will be refunded.

Hotel accommodations are not included in your registration fee. Please contact the hotel directly.


Contact John Jurgens for more information, register or discuss in-house training at

425-487-3325 or email

Expert witness! Professionals at its best on any pipeline projects.

Trenchless Resources International provides professional services for pipe evaluation and replacement, and "trenchless" pipe rehabilitation throughout North America.  With over 30 years of pipeline maintenance and trenchless rehabilitation experience, TRI is established as an authority on evaluation, design and construction supervision for chemical grouting, slip lining / annular space grouting, cured-in-place, deformed/reformed, folded/formed, pipe reaming, pipe bursting, and manhole rehabilitation technologies.  TRI's expertise includes evaluation of field inspection data, pre-bid analysis of project designs, contractor pre-qualification, and construction phase services, including submittal review.  John Jurgens has been responsible for recommendation and design of the most appropriate and cost effective "trenchless technology" for various pipe rehabilitation applications.  These projects include host pipe materials such as brick, vitrified clay, reinforced concrete, asbestos cement, cast iron, ductile iron, and steel.

TRI’s experience includes sewer lateral pipe rehabilitation, manhole rehabilitation, mainline rehabilitation up to 84" and horizontal directional drilling, (HDD).

The 1996 Directory of North American Trenchless Technology Industry Guide lists seven CIPP and five FF procedures. Each procedure has specific characteristic and peculiarities regarding  materials and yet all share common design considerations and installation practices.  What are they Does better understanding of these functions ensure a project's  success or cost effectiveness?

Why training?

Objectives of the program...

This seminar serves the needs of today's Trenchless Rehabilitation construction industry by focusing on the specific needs of Engineers, Inspectors and Construction Managers responsible for the Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation Construction method(s) Selected. This program provides a balance between understanding the specifications of a project and a product's on-site installation procedure. Attendees gain an understanding and working knowledge of techniques used in the execution of today's complex projects.

Seminar Benefits and Attendees will:

  • Gain knowledge of various Trenchless pipeline repair methods.
  • Gain an understanding of selected processes and their construction nuances.
  • Learn how to grasp control of a project with a few quick questions of the on-site supervisor.
  • Learn to determine if the installation site is ready for a specific Trenchless method.
  • Gain knowledge which will enable the inspector to make common-sense decisions on whether change orders are relevant.
  • Gain an understanding of what the finished Trenchless repair method(s) should look like.

Instructor Qualification:

Trenchless Resources InternationalSM (TRI), is a multi-disciplined organization consisting of consulting and field personnel with numerous years of experience in Inflow/Infiltration removal and TRENCHLESS pipeline rehabilitation. The management team has specialized in introducing unique technologies throughout the United States: including but not limited to TRENCHLESS renewal of pipes, TRENCHLESS spot repairs of pipelines, pipeline failure evaluation and prediction pipeline failures. TRI's extensive background in the TRENCHLESS pipeline rehabilitation industry is anchored in the 1970's during EPA's funded efforts (SSES's) to eliminate I/I. Indoctrination of this training team started with EPA's effort and has continued. Evaluating field conditions and dealing with site specific issues, TRI personnel has been able to save agencies millions of dollars by their evaluation of site specific issues relating to TRENCHLESS pipeline rehabilitation procedures including - chemical grouting, CIPP, FF, pipe bursting, sliplining of pipes and annular space grouting.


With over 35 years experience in the pipeline rehabilitation industry. Seminar leaders have worked with agencies and engineering groups introducing CIPP, chemical grouting, FF rehabilitation technology, sliplining, pipe bursting and annular space grouting of sliplined pipes throughout the United States. What makes this educational experience unique is the seminar instructors worked as part of the crews before they worked with clients. Knowledge is from hands on experience, not theoretical or sales driven.

1998 Person of the Year!

How much money would you like to save on your next trenchless rehabilitation project?

SLIPLINING Butt fused & segmented pipe




ANNULAR SPACE GROUTING For all lining materials.



CURED-IN-PLACE-PIPE Winched in place and inverted



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John Jurgens, Chairman of the Pipeline Rehabilitation Committee of the North

American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) & President of Trenchless

Resources International

Quality Through Plagiarism? or

The Dumbing Down of an Industry

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It's not easy to tell the difference between a quality and a poorly installed product...

Today's trenchless marketplace is one of constant flux.

TRI was founded to ensure positive growth for the trenchless industry.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling...

With so many tools in the toolbox of rehabilitation, we didn't want to see...

TRI is committed to building the infrastrusture necessary while building longterm relationships with its clients.

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